Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Interest from DirecTV?

We have had tweets from Directv before, telling us to contact their 101 network. Now there has been a new response from their customer service team.

Visionhale on the LotS forums reports that a fan received this response:

"Thank you for writing. I understand how important the show Legend of the Seeker is for you. Be assured that your feedback is important to us. I have forwarded your email to DIRECTV's Management Team, who review every suggestion and comment for trends from our most important customers to determine what changes should be considered.

Sincerely, Arlyne A. --
DIRECTV Customer Service "

Now it's nothing major but it is positive so it's worth a shot! The response was after a request sent using the form here
It takes about a minute to fill in so it's something that everyone can do. Come on folks, get submitting, let's Save Our Seeker!

See Visionhale's post on the forums here

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