Friday, 24 September 2010

Another press release from Xenite

Michael Martinez has been busy today. His Operation LotS More has issued another press release, this time on

Despite the cancellation of Legend of the Seeker, fan groups are still calling for viewer support of the show in hope of inspiring a third season or feature film. The newest initiative calls for fans to promote a new category in the People's Choice Awards and to help build sales of the 2nd season's DvD and Blu-Ray sets.

Fansite is asking people to help nominate a new category -- "Favorite TV Fantasy Hero" -- in the People's Choice Awards. The PCA called for nominations on its Website ( Fan campaign announcements and instructions for coordinated voting have been published on science fiction blogs and forums, including

At the same time, Legend of the Seeker fan groups are planning to increase awareness of, and viewership for the show through promoting DvD and Blu-Ray sales. Ideas including setting up viewing parties at scifi conventions, local churches, community centers, libraries, schools, and colleges. Where possible, fans will introduce their friends to the show and encourage them to buy the DvDs from their favorite online retailers

Thanks Michael, we Seekers really appreciate your help and expertise.

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