Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Calling all fans - volunteers for Dragon Con needed!

This just in from the SOS team:

"HELP Needed at the DragonCon Fan Table

LotS was on stand-by for a fan table at DragonCon, and the DragonCon Fan Table Director just informed us that there has been a cancellation, so that table is now ours. Our first at any Cons!

This is a great, great opportunity to promote 'Legend of the Seeker'. Woot!

We now need ALL the help from DC attendees to staff the table. 1-2 per shift would be ideal.

All you have to do is show up at the table and talk about LotS with anyone that approaches the table. You can also tell them about the free iTunes episode promotion. We'll have the iTunes giveaways and other flyers already there. And if you run out of iTunes postcards, you can just collect the email of any interested new fan, and will email the free episodes."

This is a fabulous, fabulous opprtunity to promote LotS and meet other Seekerbabies. If you can make it please do, and we'd love to hear about your experience. Damn me for living in the UK!

All other info and sign up sheet can be found here
Sign up sheet alone here


Anonymous said...

I can help Sunday after the meet up for while. Barb Jewell

Hellsbells said...

Thanks Bar, that would be awesome. the sign up and shift info is here Shifts are 2 hours long, so you can sign up for anything that suits you. Thanks!