Sunday, 19 September 2010

Twitchange - Bid for Bridget

Our amazing Mother Confessor is taking part in the Twitchange auction to build a home for disabled orphans in Haiti.

The auction is through Twitter and is offering - a follow back, a shout out and a retweet from all the participants.

Yesterday Bridget upped the ante by offering in addition: a 30 minute Skype date or phone call AND

if the winning bid is over $2500, one of Bridget's own Seeker scripts with all her handwritten notes on!

How amazing is that! Seeker fans have gone crazy over this fabulous prize and I must admit I'm a little excited too. Now to rob that bank...

Just kidding. As much as I love B and would adore something like that $2500 is a little, ok a lot, out of my price range.

Besides, I'd rather have something like that to auction off on my own site to raise money for MS research. Shameless plug I know but it's a cause that is close to my heart.

So Seekers, if you want these goodies from Bridget get bidding!

Bid for Bridget here

See B's tweets offering the prizes here and here


kmetek@LOTS said...

Now robbing a nearest gas station:)

Hellsbells said...

I cannot condone that :)