Thursday, 9 September 2010

New article - 10 reasons to fall in love with LotS

Dash punk has posted a fabulous post entitled '10 reasons to fall in love with Legend of the Seeker

"Legend of the Seeker is Fun
The show is fun to watch. It’s an adventure tale that will leave you feeling uplifted at the end of each episode. With that it’s not a fluff show though there are dramatic moments and intense moments but Legend of the Seeker is well balanced so the show does not feel weighty.

Sword Play and Choreography
I really enjoyed watching the myriad of fight sequences in Legend of the Seeker. There are many different types of weapons used. They show different techniques and fighting styles.

The fight sequences do not get repetitive and boring. They mix up the camera shots from framing to who is followed from fight to fight. There is even a nice mix of how the fights unfolds.

What is most impressive of all is watching Richard Cypher’s development. He starts out fighting with a woodsman’s skill level but with a lot of power behind it. His style is sloppy but that power is still demonstrated. As the show progresses and Richard’s training improves so does his fighting prowess. His style shifts around until he gets his own style and he demonstrates more finesse with his characters progression.

The acting in the show is stellar. All of the performers make for believable characters, emotions and situations.

Exploration of Truth
Truth is one of the themes played with throughout the show. I love how the show gets into the meat of what truth is and it’s distinctions are through the use of the Seekers, Confessors and Wizards First Rule.

The Wizard’s Rule
In legend of the Seeker there are Wizards Rules. They are a wonderful device that brings about much humor at first because the number of the rule and what it is keeps changing. They are also a powerful device for exploring certain psychological principles.

The Mord’Sith
This leather wearing group brings such wonderful elements to the show. Their particular ability to negate and even turn magic back on the user is a brilliant way to balance the use of magic in a fantasy setting. They also get the viewer to explore their position on topics of what is pain, pleasure, eroticism and sensuality.

The Confessors
This group of magic users also brings a fresh perspective to the normal fantasy story. The Confessors are a fun balance between amazing power that comes with a sad cost and a tremendous weakness. They also become a fun device for exploring subjects like unrequited love, vengeance/forgiveness, and what is truth.

Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell
In the midst of all the wonderful sword play, magic and action there is also a great unrequited love story between Richard and Kahlan. Both being hot is a nice plus to the show but they also do a brilliant job setting up their love story and getting the audience to care greatly about their situation and success.

Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander
Lovingly known as Zedd. Any good fantasy story needs the wise old man or old man wizard, in Zedd we get both. His character is brilliantly played reminding me of those adventures I took with my grandfather. He brings humor, fun and and wisdom to the show.

Denna & Cara Mason
These Mord’Sith bring a fun mix to the show. Hot, leather wearing, ass kicking, strong women are just scratching the surface of what they bring. They also bring a great struggle that the audience can empathize with. The struggle between bettering ones self and ones situation and having to fight against what society has made one into."

Hear hear!

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