Friday, 17 September 2010

The image of Kahlan

I thought it was about time I posted about Kahlan and the fabulousness that are her outfits.

When we first encounter Kahlan in Season 1 she is wearing her signature outfit, the white dress.
Made from silk velvet with flowing sleeves this is the look she is known for throughout season 1. When she wears this she is marked for what she is: a Confessor.
The white dress is a symbol of her power and authority

Love this outfit.

Her second look is the travelling dress which she sports from episode 2. This is the dress she wears if she wants to go incognito

Love this dress too. Especially the wide leather belt.

The next outfit isn't really a 'look' but she looks so amazing that it had to mentioned. Kahlan as a Mord'Sith! Many heart were set aflutter when she wore this in the episode Sacrifice.

And the last and final - so far;) - outfit; the Season 2 dark leather dress! The only explanation we have for the sudden change of outfit part way through the season is that of practical reasons. The white ones got so dirty they were going through them too much!

Did we mind? Hell no. Kahlan rocks the new outfit. It's a darker, more sensuous look that would seem to mark her move towards being more of a warrior, sworn to her Seeker. It also makes a nice complement to Cara's leathers.
Even that could signify more, that as the two women become closer, some of themselves rub off on the other. Cara becomes more than just a Mord'Sith, while Kahlan becomes more of the warrior. A little harder than she was in Season 1.

And to end, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't feature what is absolutely my favourite part of all Kahlan's outfits - the corset! In fact it is so amazing that I feel it should be capitalised. The Corset.

Sigh. What wouldn't I give to look that good in everything I wear.

So Seeker fans, which look is YOUR favourite?


seekerbaby said...

I love Kahlan no matter what she's wearing - so many gorgeous outfits! Deffo a fan of the corset!

The white dress has always been my fave as having been a fan of the books for 9 years it's been something I love for SO LONG!

My fave white dress moment is BAMC Kahlan in Torn. OH THAT HAIR!!! ;-)

kmetek@LOTS said...


Hellsbells said...

I can't choose either!
And I adore the long curls in Torn too! Maybe I'll do one on her hair as well ;)

kmetek@LOTS said...

what is Torn? Which episode? :D

Hellsbells said...

Season 2, Episode 11

kmetek@LOTS said...


James H. said...

I love them ALL, but I really dig the newer dark outfit with the thigh boots. Just an amazing beauty, our B!

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

I love the white dress the best! I'm actually going to attempt to make my best version of it for halloween! I'll be posting pics of it on my blog when I get it done..I haven't quite started it yet though. Had to collect some photos first and thats how I found this blog. I am now following! I LOVE the whole two series and am so sad there aren't more!

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