Thursday, 9 September 2010

Volunteers needed!

The SOS team are looking for volunteers to distribute iTunes cards at the New York Comic Con (8th-10th October) and Ring Con in Germany (15-17 October) will create and print the cards, and fulfill the iTunes requests, so there's no expense on your part.

In Germany, we can gift the first episode, "Prophecy", which is 2.49 euros in standard definition.

NY Comic-Con seems to be a great opportunity. According to the NY Comic-Con organizers, they are expecting 90,000 to 100,000 attendees this year. They had 77,000last year.

If you are interested in discreetly* handing out cards please email the team at

* I'd like to stress the word "discreetly" because in most conventions and trade shows, distributing flyers or any promotional material MUST be approved by the organizers, and in most cases, there's a charge for it - and it's not cheap. That's one of the ways convention organizers make money. So as long as we treat the iTunes cards like business cards you would exchange with attendees you're chatting with, we're fine.

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