Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Heartbreaking moments

Heartbreaking moment #2. You can't help but feel sorry for Richard in the first episode of LotS.
Not only does he get beaten up by a bunch of D'Harans and then have a knife to his throat by Kahlan but then he gets bitten by a poisonous plant, sent to see a man he thinks is crazy, nearly dies and is then told he is the Seeker and is destined to kill someone. That would be enough for anyone to deal with.
He takes off home, back to the one man who has always been there for him, whose identity is now called into question. Only to find him stabbed.

How heartbreaking for Richard to deal with all that then come home to find his father fatally stabbed. I felt so sorry for him, cradling his dying father in his arms.

Legend of the Seeker does a great job at showing real human emotion and pulling at the heartstrings. This is why we love it so and why we will fight to save it!

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