Friday, 24 September 2010

New Xenite press release

Thanks to Operation LotsMore and Michael Martinez there is a new press release on

Legend of the Seeker Fans Rally Around People's Choice Awards and DvD Sales to Save Their Show

(openPR) - Seattle, WA -- Not yet finished showing support for the cancelled syndicated TV series Legend of the Seeker, fans are organizing an online voting campaign to nominate a "Favorite TV Fantasy Hero" category for the People's Choice Awards and at the same time are mobilizing to drive up sales of the 2nd season DvDs and Blu-Ray. Legend of the Seeker failed to win a third season due to the loss of approximately 1/3 of its North American viewing audience when the Tribune Station Group dropped the show in March.

Having raised almost $30,000 in a few months to show fan support for the show in trade publications, fansite is now asking fans to collectively propose and vote for a new category in the People's Choice Awards. Now accepting public submissions for a new category (, the People's Choice Awards represents a new opportunity to increase visibility and viewership for Legend of the Seeker. Seeker fans intend to leave their mark on the awards by proposing the "Favorite TV Fantasy Hero" category.

But recognizing that DvD and Blu-Ray sales of the second season will make a big impact on decision-makers, Legend of the Seeker fans are also organizing online and offline campaigns to introduce new viewers to the show. Ideas include setting up viewing parties at science fiction conventions, churches, community centers, libraries, and schools. Fans are also asking their local libraries to add Legend of the Seeker to their video collections.

Great stuff! I love seeing articles like this, it makes me know that others are seeing all our efforts and is great for bringing Seeker more visibility.

Read the rest of the article here

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