Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hulu viewing

For all of you who like to watch online and live in the US, Hulu now has the whole first season available to watch.

Viewing figures for Hulu count so it's a good way to boost the ratings, and of course, it's free!

There is also an extra benefit to watching via Hulu - the company is part owned by Disney so they will get to see how many of you are watching. Even if you just click and leave it on without watching it will still count.

Remember, the goal is to get another season. It doesn't matter if you don't feel like watching, you can go off and do something else - the important thing is viewing numbers. If we can show enough numbers we have a better shot at being heard and getting what we want.

Now is really our chance for a big puch - big numbers viewing on Hulu, re-runs ratings and big sales of the DVD can really make a difference. Let's do whatever we can to bring back the show we love.

Click here to watch on Hulu

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