Friday, 24 September 2010

DVD drive

There have been a few articles recently about the possiblity of big sales for the season 2 DVD meaning more chance of a third season.

TVovermind wrote this this article:

I just wouldn’t have guessed it, but Legend of the Seeker has a huge amount of fans. Either that, or a small amount of very vocal ones. In any case, the show (which airs only in syndication) is still gathering fans, despite the fact that it was cancelled after its second season earlier this year. Outrage could be heard across the internet as the aforementioned fans headed up “Save Our Seeker” campaigns in order to revive the series based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels. While there has been no sign of progress on this front, fans of the fantasy series have perhaps their best chance of redemption coming up next Tuesday, when the second season hits DVD.

The two press releases from Xenite also state this as a possibility.

For some people, this seems an unlikely outcome but I would urge them not to write it off.
There are precedents of shows being bought back by unexpectedly large DVD sales:

Fox picked Family Guy back up.
Futurama has new episodes on Comedy Central,
Firefly had a feature film made in the form of Serenity

So it can be done. Remember, what matters to the TV execs is not passion, it's not taste, it's not even huge numbers of fans. It's money. Money is what speaks, the only thing that speaks.
So if we can get big sales for the S2 DVD it will put dollar signs flashing before their eyes.
We know they are noticing our campaign. We're doing everything we can to show them there is money to be made with Seeker. Now is the time we can show them.
So buy that S2 DVD for yourselves, for your friends, for your family. Remember, Christmas isn't all that far away and it would make a great present. Who wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas morning and find LotS in their stocking?

It doesn't matter where you buy it from, whether it's online or in a shop - although remember that purchases made through means a percentage will go to the SOS campaign - all that matters is that you buy it. It doesn't even matter if it's a region that your DVD player won't recognise. The only thing that matters is that we buy enough to make them sit up and see those dollar signs. You can always use a code to unlock your DVD player. And the chance of getting a third season is worth it.

Let's take this chance to show those tv execs that we were right, that Seeker is a money maker. Get buying!

Read the TVovermind article here


kmetek@LOTS said...

i would buy but it's damn custom tax 20% i'm affraid of!

earthmagi said...

What's the custom tax if we get to see another season of LOTS. I've pre-ordered mine and I stay on the other side of the globe :-) It's not everyday we get to save the Seeker.

kmetek@LOTS said...