Thursday, 2 September 2010

A bit of inspiration

A few people recently have been questioning our campaign and it's goal - to save Legend of the Seeker. They say that it's a no go, it can't be done, it's too late, yadda yadda yadda.
Now most of us know that's rubbish, but what about those who are new to the campaign? Or those who only see the negative posts?
Well, Seeker baby Deacon at the LotS forum has dug out this article which names other shows that have been cancelled and yet still been brought back.

"•Most recently, both The Game (CW) and Ghost Whisperer (CBS) were axed by their networks, only to be picked up by BET and ABC, respectively.

•Mystery Science Theater 3000 made it seven seasons on Comedy Central until it was canned. Fans shopped it around to other networks (and, like our intrepid LoTS fans, purchased a full-page ad in Variety), finally persuading Sci-Fi to pick it up.

•Sci-Fi also saved Stargate SG-1 after it was canceled by Showtime. It made it five more seasons on Sci-Fi.

•Fox shut down Family Guy after its third season until DVD sales skyrocketed; the show is about to air its 9th season.

•Like LoTS, the original season of Star Trek only made it two seasons. A letter-writing campaign got it brought back for a third.

•America's Most Wanted was canceled for only six weeks after Fox received 200,000 letters from unhappy fans.

•CBS fired Cagney and Lacy after only two seasons. The fans responded in force, and the show was brought back for four more seasons, as well as four Made-for-TV movies.

•And speaking of CBS, they famously picked up JAG after NBC dumped it after one season. It ran for nine more seasons, and sparked another series of series - NCIS."

My favourite from this list is Star Trek. Think of what that one original show spawned - The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise. Not to mention all the merchandise it sold, and still sells. And the stars are still big names at conventions world wide.
Imagine if those fans had given up. We wouldn't have any of that. It just goes to show that fan campaigns can and have been successful.
But they won't if we give up. Nothing will be acccomplished if we stop fighting.

So if you want Seeker back keep fighting, no stone left unturned. No effort is too small. We are a great and growing fandom, and if we continue our efforts and keep finding new ways to show the tv networks how wrong they were, then we can succeed. And we will.

Go Seekers!

See the original article here


Anonymous said...

That's really good encouragement! Especially when thinking of what would've happened if other fan campaigns gave up.

However, I've heard that some networks are tired of hearing from Seeker fans and are beginning (or already do) think of us as spammers. This has affected my fighting spirit quite a bit and I'm wondering, do you have anything encouraging to say to that??

Anonymous said...

ABC passed on Ghost Whisperer, but the rest of the list is encouraging.

Hellsbells said...

It is easy to get downhearted, especially when we hear no news except Syfy getting irritated.
The only word we have had from the networks is regarding Twitter and the constant (mostly scheduled) tweets clogging up their feeds.
Twitter is best used to raise awareness of the show that's why myself and others have been trying to encourage people not to tweet the networks. Tweets aren't really telling them anything and isn't getting the point across.
As to the letter writing campaign there has been nothing to say that they regard it as spam.
Letter writing is different because they can see what we are asking, and there is a lot more information in a letter.
We can get across the point that the show can make them money and show them what we have and are willing to do.
The networks respond to money, that's it, and by writing to them and showing how much they can make, how they can make it and how much we are willing to spend we can help to change their minds.

Anonymous said...

So no more network tweets and more letter writing.. Gotcha! ;) Thank you for clearing that up for me! Just hearing a small explanation to the rumors I heard helps a lot. And boy it's not hard to tell people how Seeker can make them money!

Thank you for what YOU, and others like you are doing!

medenko said...


Hellsbells said...

Hi Medenko, don't worry, we're never giving up!