Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A little bit of good news

Ok, it's not great news but it does give a little glimmer of hope to flagging spirits.

The snarky and unwelcome article at tv by numbers titled 'Syfy Not Saving ‘Legend of the Seeker;’ Looking Doubtful Anyone Else Will Either' has had fans feeling downhearted since it was published.

Well, angryfantasyfan dug out another article by the same author from a few months ago with this title 'When Pigs Fly: Will DirectTV Save “Damages?” '

He seemed pretty darn sure that no way in hell was DirecTV going to pick up Damages. And yet, just a few months later, he had to eat his words. Why? Because DirecTV announced that it was indeed picking up the show!

So to all fans out there feeling dispirited because of his article, fear not! It means nothing. Keep those letters flowing and we will see who wins in the end.

See angryfantasyfan's original post here


James H. said...

awesome bit of detective work there and very nicecly reported Hels! =)

Hellsbells said...

Thanks! I hate to see people downhearted so I hope this will cheer them up a little :)