Monday, 23 August 2010

The many facets of Cara

In honour of last nights Twitter trending attempt of the beautiful Tabrett Bethell, I have decided to dedicate this post to her LotS alter ego, Cara Mason.

Cara is first seen in the last episode of Season 1. A full on, utterly ruthless Mord'Sith

In the opening episode of Season 2 she sets male, and female, hearts aflutter just by rising out of an enormous bath tub.

Who can blame them eh?

Cara's attempt to rule over the Mord'Sith and D'hara are nullified by Triana and the un dead Darken Rahl. She is beaten by her sisters, stripped of the signature plait and left for dead.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who hated seeing all that beauty black and blue and covered with blood.

After hooking up with our heroes she slowly starts to regain a little of the humanity she lost while being broken. The turning point comes when she is about to be executed by confession and feels remorse for what she did to her father:

How many of you were rooting for her?

After this she adopts her new look and I know that many fans, if they were teetering on the brink, fell for her after that:

Delectable is not hyperbole when it comes to Cara's new look. However, that is not the end of her, albeit temporary, transformations.

Who can forget the episode where she has to pass for a submissive princess? There aren't many who could carry it off, but she does it with style:

And that's not all. In the penultimate episode of Season 2, in an alternate universe, Cara was never a Mord'Sith. Instead she was a simple village widow raising two children:

So there you have it, the many facets of Cara Mason. Which image do you prefer - the Mord'Sith, the princess or the village girl? Take your time, it's a difficult choice to make


William Szegedi (Necros) said...

"I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who hated seeing all that beauty black and blue and covered with blood."
You've got to admit, even beaten up, she still looked hot. :)

I know many people prefer the full Mord-Sith outfit, but I have to go with the "upgraded" version, seen since the end of Broken. It makes the character look more human, less like a fetish fantasy.
I liked the blue dress too. And who wouldn't love the princess outfit? :D The pink dress wasn't really great but Tab could make that look good too.
Or can I choose the way she looked in the Mord-Sith pool? :D

Hellsbells said...

lol. I'm pretty sure if that choice were included most people would go for that
I pick the upgraded Mord'Sith outfit too, it looks hot and sexier than the full on one. Plus I think she looks better with her hair down.