Thursday, 19 August 2010

A confession - with eye candy

I have a confession to make. My son doesn't like Legend of the Seeker. Yes you read it right - a child of mine, blood of my flesh, does not like Seeker.
He's never actually watched it mind you, he just decided that he doesn't like it from seeing tiny bits of a couple of episodes and hearing a description. He groans everytime I watch it and sniggers when I do anything LotS related.

So today I decided that enough was enough. I was going to make him interested if it killed me. I went through all the things that might interest him - he's 15, with all the hormonally charged interests that go with that - and finally settled on showing him a few things from the show.

I called him in to have a look. First I showed him this:

He said 'Oh. Kay'

Then I showed him this:

He said 'Oooh'.

Then this:

He said 'Ok, I'm interested'

And finally I showed him this:

My son is now interested in Legend of the Seeker. And I can watch in peace :)

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