Friday, 27 August 2010

So you want to be the Seeker?

Or the Mother Confessor? Or maybe a Sister of the dark?

I know how sad you all get when you see the original costumes for sale so I'm not going to show you those. Instead, I'm going to show you some of the brilliant reproductions made by Legend Costumes.

Tracy is currently working on the shirt and waistcoat for Richards costume but if you want to get a hard start why not start with his amulet?

Or maybe his arm braces?

Lovely aren't they? And they are made by the same artisan that made the ones for the show so they're practically original!

For the ladies, maybe you fancy being the Mother Confessor?

For an authentic touch Tracy is also looking into having the corset made. I for one am definitely looking forward to that! The confessor dress can also made into a Dennee dress by a simple change of fabric.

If you prefer the travelling dress then you are also in luck

And don't worry, the arms will be attached!

If neither of those float your boat, then maybe you'd like to be a Sister of the Dark (or Light) instead?

Made of beautiful silk, this also comes with the headscarf and complimentary bindi.

All of the above - and more - can be purchased through the Legend Costumes page on Facebook or you can contact Tracy on Twitter @LorileiLegend

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combien pour l'amulette ?