Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My review at IMDB

In line with the Seeker Devotion Campaign which aims to raise the profile of LotS through user reviews, I have posted one at IMDb. And now I'm posting it here for you to read!

"Despite having grown up on fantasy I had never even heard of the Sword of Truth books, let alone read them. So I went into Legend of the Seeker without any preconceived ideas of how the show should be.

The first thing that caught my eye was the magnificent scenery. I now completely understand my brothers desire to move to New Zealand.

Then of course, being a girl, I saw the fantastic outfits. If I could get hold of Kahlans corset I would.

And, also because I'm a girl, the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Craig Horner. That man should never wear shirts. Ever.

All of that aside though, the show is fabulous. It has everything you could ever want from any show, especially a fantasy one. Action, heroes, magic, romance, brilliantly choreographed fight scenes, stunning backdrops and a strong female lead who isn't afraid to be as feminine as she is ruthless.

I fell utterly in love with this show in a way I haven't done since I first saw Buffy.

If you miss this, you're missing out. "

If anyone of you have written a review of your own that you'd like me to feature, post me the link and I'll put it up for you.
Look forward to seeing some!

See the post at IMDb here


Christine said...

I completely love this and the outfits along with the gorgeous Craig Horner were the first things to catch my eye too! I had not read the books until well into Season 2 but they are both so great in so many different ways! Lovely post <3

Hellsbells said...

Thanks Christine! Let me know if you write a review of your own

Christine said...

I've actually written several reviews of the TV show and of the books on my blog, but it's probably a really good idea for me to post on IMDB and other sites to get the word out.