Friday, 20 August 2010

Region 2 DVD is coming!

All you Seeker fans in Europe (and that includes me) - the wait is over! Our beloved fellow Seeker baby Angel7368 found a Region 2 DVD on Ebay for us. It's even in the UK so no waiting for shipping from the US. The writing on it is German but who cares about that - we can finally watch it!

There are more than 10 available and they are selling for £48.99. A little pricy to be sure but cheaper than buying a new DVD player.

Thanks to another Seeker fan, LOTS_Eli, we have found you the same set for a lower price. Amazon Germany is selling for €35.99 which, as of today's exchange rate, works out at roughly £29.46.
The site is of course all in German, but if you don't mind navigating that then you've just found a bargain waiting to be snapped up!

Not only that, but Wikipedia is also stating that the Region 2 release is 28th September.

It's finally here!

Buy from Ebay here

Buy from Amazon Germany here

See the Wiki page here

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