Saturday, 21 August 2010

Operation LOTS More

Sci-fi/ fantasy fan and blogger extraordinaire Michael Martinez is turning his talents to help the SOS campaign.

Operation LOTS More is an online publicity campaign designed to promote SOS projects and bring awareness to the many fan efforts that are going on.

His new website Xenite.Org Publicity will serve as the hub and from here he will be tweeting various addresses asking for retweets.

As fans, the least we can do is to help him along. So, once he is up and running, get retweeting peeps!

If you have any plans or projects going to help bring back Seeker then let Michael know and he will do his best to promote your efforts.

This is a great opprotunity to let the wider world know about Seeker and our efforts to save it so take full advantage and let Michael help you along.

See his full explanation of Operation LOTS More on the forums here

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