Tuesday, 17 August 2010

For starters

Good morning Seekers! Today is a brand new day, with brand new stuff to look at.
We have a lot to be proud of - the SOS campaign raised over $3000 in less than a week, our FB page has hit over 17,000 members and new ideas are being created and fulfilled every day.

So to start you all off I thought I'd show you a little video pic spam I made featuring the lovely men of LotS - what better way to start the day!

Don't worry all you men out there, I've made one featuring the women as well :)


Glenn said...

Great blog! I have recently started one too, on the topic of sci-fi and fantasy TV shows. I'll throw out as many Seeker mentions as I can!

Hellsbells said...

Thanks Glen, I'm glad you like it! Where is your blog, I would like to have a look