Friday, 20 August 2010

A write up for Cara

With his blog 'TV in space' Glenn Farland is proving himself not just a devoted fan of sci-fi and fantasy but an avid Seeker baby as well.

His first article, entitled 'Fans continue to seek more Seeker' was a great write up for the SOS campaign, taking note of the fact that the Torch Online is noticing us and calling LotS a 'cult phenomenon'. We of course couldn't agree more. And it's great having as much exposure as possible.

His latest Seeker article features everyone's favourite Mord'Sith, the incredibly sexy Cara Mason. In it Glenn addresses the gay characters that were omitted from a recent Blastr article on the '20 gay characters we love from sci-fi movies and TV'
Thay had neglected to mention our Cara. Sacrilegious I say ;)
So Glenn has given her a mention instead.

Simply entitled 'A follow up to Blastr's top gay sci-fi characters', he calls Cara "most loveable and yet toughest gay characters I’ve ever seen". We couldn't agree more with that either.

Thanks for the article Glenn, Seeker fans appreciate every word.


Glenn Farland said...

Thank YOU! I'm very passionate about Legend of the Seeker. You words mean a lot to me. I recently posted a Guide to Save Our Seeker!
Thank you for your work to save the Seeker as well!

William Szegedi (Necros) said...

This was also in the article:
"Cara of Legend of the Seeker. Played fantastically by Tabrett Bethell"
I just had to quote this here too. :)

Thanks for the post! And thanks again Glenn for the nice words! :)