Saturday, 28 August 2010

New campaign idea - apples!

Not real apples mind you, postal servies get a funny about that, but pictures of apples. Red apples to be specific.
Some of the fans over at the LotS forums came up with the idea of sending pictures of red apples to the folks at ABC.

"A couple of us put our heads together and came up with another idea to help snag Disney’s attention. Apples. We’d like everyone to find PICTURES of red apples and send them into Disney on the dates specified below. That’s RED apples, not REAL apples, okay? We need PICTURES, DRAWINGS, POSTCARDS, CARDS…you get the idea. We encourage everyone to send as many letters as you are able, but please send them on the specified date. While we can’t be perfect, we’re trying to get them to arrive at Disney at roughly the same time.

Somewhere on the photo or card or letter should be written “BRING BACK LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. WE NEED OUR SEEKER BACK IN THE SPIRIT HOUSE.”

Dates to mail:
US and Canada: 9/9 September the 9th.

Overseas: 9/1 September 1st .

Of course, we need to concentrate all of them to one person and one address:

Paul Lee
Disney-ABC Domestic Television
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521

Send one apple, send a bushel, but please participate. Thanks everyone!! "

It's a great idea that doesn't take too much thinking about, or cost that much money. And everyone across the globe can participate.

See the original post and some more example pictures here

Thanks to Dragonfly for the picture.

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