Monday, 30 August 2010

Italy calls for your help!

Seeker fans in Italy are calling for our help. They are looking for donations to enhance the LotS presence at Romics, the Italian Comic Con:

"Legend of The Seeker needs your support! Supporting our Stand in Italy means to us the chance to giveaway free gadgets: the more you donate, the more Truth we will find in our Midlands!"

Why should you donate you ask? Part of the SOS campaign is to bring as many new fans to the show as possible. Having a strong presence at conventions worldwide will help to do that. And having international fans supporting the campaign and writing to the TV networks will help show them the scope of the show and let them know they can make money from selling to overseas networks.

Please help support SOS by donating to the Romics booth. Click their site to donate.

For more information, click here


Mer De Noms. said...

thank you for posting here, Hells Bells!

Hellsbells said...

You're welcome, I hope you reach your total!