Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sing a long a LotS

Want to do something a bit fun and help to save our show as well? The team behind the brilliant Pass it On videos are looking for participants for their new project - a LotS sing a long!

A little info on the project's goals:

"The premise of this project is to create a Legend of the Seeker fan "music video", and to get as many people as possible wearing costumes/customized Seeker clothing or using LotS related props. It is not essential to have these to be included, but we want to show ABC/Disney that fans are willing to spend money on merchandise. The video makes a pretty strong argument that LOTS is merchandisable. Merchandise= money for networks. And Money for Networks= Season 3."

If you love to sing and are a friend of the camera - or if you just want to do something a little different, click here for submission details. But hurry, there are only 2 days left!

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