Saturday, 21 August 2010

Seeker items for sale

This morning I was cruising through Ebay, trying to find a LotS DVD set for cheaper than £48.99, when I came across a whole load of Seeker items for sale. This is nothing unusual if you're looking at but I'm in Blighty so I use the version. This doesn't usually show up items from the other ebay sites.
Now I can see ALL the Seeker items for sale from across the globe! Which is great for fellow Brits as a whole but not so great for the bank balance.

There are all sorts of things for sale - from original costumes from Shed 11, the original wedding rings from Dayna, to photographs, mousemats and autographed items.

As a fan of the show I am sorely tempted by this card signed by Bridget Regan

Nice huh? However, as a redblooded female fan I am even more tempted by this

Imagine running your fingers over that every day.

For the full list of items for sale at, click here

Happy viewing, I'm now off to check my bank account

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