Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Competition time!

Seekertruthnet has launched a competition for fans to win some LotS merchandise.

"What is this? A contest!
How does it work? Simply show me the top ten reasons you love Legend of the Seeker and/or the top ten ways it has impacted your life.

How can I show you?
Any way you want -- but instead of simply coming up with a list, be creative! Draw something, make a video, a poem, digital art, a song, or whatever you can think of!

How long do I have?
You have until Monday, September 13th to submit an entry.

How do I submit an entry?
For image or word files, send them to my email at For video files, please upload them to YouTube. If you are unable to upload them to YouTube, let me know and we'll see if it'll work being sent to my email or we will find another way!

What are the rules?
One entry per person. I expect everyone will use good judgment as well - obviously I will not accept anything negative about the show or anything that involves the personal lives of the actors/crew.

How is a winner determined?
There will be two winners -- first and second place. I will choose the winners based on what I think is the most creative, follows the "prompt," and really embodies what Legend of the Seeker is to the fans.

Will other people see my entry?
Yes. I plan on putting all the submissions in a website. I may make a book out of the artwork/letters/poems/anything printable to send to some of the cast and crew.

Why have this contest?
1) As a thank you to my fellow fans, who are amazing and have worked so hard! Some can't afford DVDs, etc so this is an opportunity for them as well -- 2) As a thank you to the cast/crew of the show, and to tell them why we love it so much and how it has affected us -- 3) The purchases of the prizes will benefit the show or books and the $$

What are the prizes? "

Click here to see the original post and details of prizes. They really are great prizes too so I for one am racking my brain to come up with a good entry.

So come on Seekers, get creating and show Seekertruthnet what the show means to you!

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