Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Season 2 DVD - Another review

This one by RJ Carter at

He has written a great reviews awith some thoughtful insights like this one:

Cara's history unfolds carefully. Kahlan's hatred of her companion deepens when she learns Cara was the Mord'Sith who killed her sister. But when she learns how Cara became who she is (in a story that reveals some surprises to Cara herself, shaking her to her core), the seeds of compassion are sewn in Kahlan.

He also has this to say:

Legend of the Seeker is based, however loosely, on Terry Goodkind's fantasy novel series, The Sword of Truth. And while I understand there are copious, serious departures from Goodkind's map, I still enjoyed the televised journey.

Amen to that! So nice to see someone who can appreciate the show on it's own merits.

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