Monday, 4 October 2010

Season 2 DVD - A review

The lucky devils over at Monsters and Critics have already managed to get their hands on a copy of the S2 DVD and written a review. Here's what they have to say:

Some series end too soon, and we are sad to see them go. Such is the case with Legend of the Seeker, which was good fantasy storytelling and great entertainment. Fans will be happy to have the final season with extras that enhance the episodes.
We were sorry to hear that Legend of the Seeker was ending. It had been an unexpected pleasure to discover the series and had quickly become addictive television viewing for our family early in Season One.
Season Two brought more depth of character and complex story telling with issues and ethics, and testing of strength and loyalty and commitment.
Truly good fantasy, Seeker was never 21st Century humans with all their attitudes and baggage dressed up like fantasy world characters. This was a unique world, with its own laws and principles, and each of the characters kept true to that premise.
Certainly there were moments that resonated with our experiences, and we were in sympathy with the characters, such as Richard and Kahlan’s impossible love, and Cara’s struggles to override her training and follow her instincts for good.
Zedd may have been a wizard, but he was aging and faced some of the issues that come to us all. Each character faced personal trials, and together they worked to hold the Underworld’s growing power from destroying all life.
Season Two was full of surprises, as the dead were returning from the Underworld with the mission to take more souls to the Keeper. Richard left his role as Seeker to fulfill a prophecy but was it a ruse devised to hinder the quest. Zedd was caught in a spell he could not break, and for a time didn’t seem to care to abandon. Kahlan’s beliefs were shaken when the group met the Creator and she was a young woman.
Cara worked through her shadows to try and overcome Mord’Sith training, but in the end would she be strong enough to break free. As each was tested in his or her own way, the group as a whole became stronger, and in a wonderful episode near the ending, viewers were treated to a vision of their world had it been as it was supposed to be.
It was a bittersweet look, as we knew it could not be, but fun none the less.

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