Sunday, 31 October 2010

Battle of the Craigs

Sometimes we Seekers focus so much on the attributes of 'our Craigee' that we forget there is another Craig in Legend of the Seeker; Darken Rahl AKA Craig Parker.

Craig P plays the evil Darken so well that it can be difficult to see these attributes. But they are definitely there.

So if we look at the two of them from a purely physical viewpoint, which one would you vote for?





Craig H


Craig P

No when it comes to them in character I'd have to say Richard. But when it comes the actors themselves I admit I am torn. What do you say?


earthmagi said...

Agree..when it comes to character, Richard wins hands down. But without his looong hair, CP is as hot as CH. Funnily both times I saw CP in characters, he was in wigs; Haldir and Darken :-D So when I googled him, you can imagine my surprise ;-)

Hellsbells said...

I know! I didn't even realise he was in LOTR. Most of the shots I've seen are him in character so when I just googled him and saw this I was a bit googly eyed. lol

lilystolesk said...

Both excellent in their respective roles! Craig H gorgeous as our Hero and Craig P handsome as the villain! I still love Craig H best so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Craig P for a man, if im looking younger Craig H. Absolutely love them both, want to see Craig P as the "hot" good guy sometime��