Friday, 22 October 2010

Why I love LotS

I have always been a fan of fantasy. Some of my earliest memories are of reading Peter Pan & Wendy and the Tim & the Hidden People series at primary school.
It fascinated me - these other worlds, with their unusual people and magic powers. Maybe I just like the idea of magic, of being able to do something that would always be impossible in the real world.

As I grew up I moved onto epic series like Terry Brooks Shannara series and David Eddings' Belgariad.
These worlds were so real to me that I felt they were infinitely better than the boring one I lived in. The characters were brave, romantic and much more interesting than real people. They rode horses and galloped across the perfectly described landscapes. They fought evil beasts and demons, went on dangerous quests and risked their lives for the good of mankind.

I devoured them all. Borrowed them from the library, bought them with my paper round money, was given then for Christmas and birthdays. Every Christmas photo of me up until I left home was obscured by a book in front of my face.

As an adult I discovered the wonders of Raymond E Feist and his Midkemia/Kelewan sagas.
And I read and re-read Harry Potter.

It wasn't just books of fantasy that I loved though, it was films and TV series too. You name it, I'd watch it. Anything with a bit of the magical and mysterious. I nearly cried when Buffy came to an end and spent a fortune paying the fines for all the videos I forgot to return.

And then came Legend of the Seeker.

This had everything I had ever loved, right from the beginning. Brave Kahlan, galloping through the beautiful lands of the Midlands, pursued by evil soldiers, forced to watch her sister die to reach a man who was destined to save the world. What's not to love?

I've always been a sucker for great costumes and the fabulous flowing Confessor dress is now a dream for me to one day own.

Evil villain Darken Rahl was someone I could hate and revile.

The Seeker, Richard Cypher, was not only brave but beautiful with a body we got to see a fair bit of.

And the Wizard of the First Order, Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander was wise, funny and extremely powerful.
That first blast of wizard fire was breathtaking.

And then in Season 2 they gave us Cara. A complex woman, who we should have hated but instead fell for as she struggled to find her stolen humanity.Not to mention she wears skin tight red leather.

We encountered dangerous beasts, vengeful ghosts, mind blowing magic and romance in every episode. This was a world I could see and believe in.
I watched both seasons in less than a week.
And then discovered to my horror that it's short sighted network would not renew so the magical journey was over.

Save Our Seeker is the only campaign to save a TV show I have ever joined. I have heard about others but never felt the need to join any of them.
This show is different. I NEED to help save it. It touched my heart and my soul in a way no other show has eve done.
And it deserves another shot.


earthmagi said...

Well said. LOTS too touched my heart and soul. Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, Cara and Darken Rahl have all won over our hearts.

BTW did i tell you? I love your morning devotions. :-)

Hellsbells said...

Thank you! I love hearing things like that :)

kmetek@LOTS said...

did you wrote all this?

Hellsbells said...

Yes I did :)