Friday, 1 October 2010

Bag a Bargain!

Everyone knows - or should know by now- that we're trying to get everyone to buy at least one copy of the S2 DVD. We want huge sales that will ring dollar signs in the tv execs eyes and help us with our goal of getting a new season.
Well, this fantastic bargain should give you all a great incentive to get buying: are offering the first and second seasons for just $43.48!

If you live in the US shipping is free, if not you will have to pay for it. BUT, it's not much.
I did a calculation to work out how much the two were in sterling and it is so cheap I thought I'd made a mistake and had to do it again!

But no, $43.48 = £27.47. I admit I blinked several times.

Even with $8 shipping my whole order amounted to $52.45 or £33.15.

This is a serious bargain! And the offer is still up so come on folks, grab a bargain and help Save Our Seeker all at the same time.

Click here for the offer.


kmetek@LOTS said...

i want to order but i'm affraid of 20% custom tax on total :(

Hellsbells said...

20% of £33 is only £3.30! You know Seeker is worth it

kmetek@LOTS said...

20% on total 33.15Ł, which is 6,3Ł....don't want to pay something grrrrrrrrr.......that's almost 40Ł aka 55€.