Monday, 13 December 2010

Why I Continue To Fight

A post from Dragonfly at the LotS forum

Why I Continue to Fight

I went into a comic book store today and as I browsed the shelves I found myself becoming increasingly angry. Legend of the Seeker should be a comic on those shelves. (Wouldn’t that be awesome?) Merchandise should be sold in the stores. (Where are our action figures?) The series should never have left the air. We should be watching the show we adore. Instead we must accept that it’s locked in a ‘vault’ while a certain entertainment group hopes we forget all about it.

I’m not ready to forget all about it. I know that I’m not the only one still troubled by the fact that a show with so much potential, a show so rich and fertile as Legend of the Seeker has been shut down and ignored.

Yes, this is just a TV show. I’m well aware that it’s not real and I’ll probably never meet any of the cast or crew. However, all of us must, in some way, identify with Legend of the Seeker or we never would have launched such a massive campaign to save it. We all seem to recognize that it holds it’s head above most of the other tripe on television today. We must now convince a network of that as well.

There are quite a few people who professed a commitment to save this show who no longer post on the forum. I can only hope that you’re still here and fighting for the show. While everyone understands that real life and family will always come before any of this, I invite you to please come back and leave a post to let us know you’re still here. I know that even my resolve falters at times, but I feel better after I chat (ramble, blab, blow off steam) with a few of my forum buds.

All the community of this forum, be they long time members or fans who only signed up yesterday, will be the ones who will save this show. It is through donations, our mailing campaign and our continuous efforts of contacting various networks that this will be accomplished. We must not slow down. Please realize that every single letter is important. Yes, your one letter makes a difference. Please make every effort to get those letters and postcards in the mail. We must stay the course.

Together we make one voice and if our voice is loud enough and continues long enough, we will be heard.

Hear hear!

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